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February/July, 2014

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Food & Beverages


Eichkamp and Karl Kemper acquired by investor group

Pericap initiated the dual acquisitions of Eichkamp GmbH and Karl Kemper GmbH, two leading German suppliers of frozen convenience food products, by an investor group led by private investor Harald Sipple. Besides Harald Sipple, the group included VR Equitypartner GmbH and German Opportunity AB.

Eichkamp was founded in 1996 and is located in Garrel, Northern Germany. It is a leading manufacturer of high-grade convenience food products in the areas of cooled and deep frozen. Eichkamp sells approx. 400 different products, including pig- and poultry-based meat and sausages (e.g. roulades, chicken wings, etc.) as well as vegetarian products, such as vegetable sticks. It has more than 170 employees and mainly supplies wholesalers, the food processing industry as well as food retailers and discounters in Germany.

Karl Kemper was founded in 1975 and is located in Borken, North Rhine-Westphalia. It is a leading supplier of high-grade, frozen, meat-based and vegetarian convenience products such as meat and cabbage roulades, stuffed bell peppers, veggie burgers, flapjacks and snacks. Karl Kemper is predominantly serving the German food service market. It employs around 160 staff and has a turnover of approximately €30m.

Private investor Harald Sipple, VR Equity Partner GmbH, and German Opportunity AB have jointly invested in Eichkamp in February 2014 and acquired a majority stake in Karl Kemper in July 2014.

The investor group aims to create a leading German frozen convenience food business by combining Karl Kemper with Eichkamp. The two companies will be united under the banner of a newly founded holding company European Convenience Food GmbH, which will have a combined turnover of €65m. The existing management teams from both companies will become responsible for the new trading unit.

Pericap initiated the dual acquisitions of Eichkamp GmbH and Karl Kemper GmbH by the investor group.